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NHS Minor Ailments Service

nhs prescriptionsYour Pharmacist can prescribe medicines for a minor illness or ailment on the NHS without you having to pay for it and without you needing to see a doctor.

Everyone can go to their pharmacist for advice or to buy a medicine for a minor illness or ailment.

This is a new NHS service for people, including children, who don't pay prescription charges. It means that if your pharmacist thinks you need it then they can give you a medicine on the NHS without you having to pay for it.

It will also save you making an appointment with your GP simply to get a prescription.

You will be able to get advice and free treatment from your community pharmacist for minor illnesses and ailments such as:
• acne
• athlete's foot
• back ache
• cold sores
• constipation
• cough
• diarrhoea
• ear ache
• eczema and allergies
• haemorrhoids (piles)
• hay fever
• headache
• head lice
• indigestion
• mouth ulcers
• nasal congestion
• pain
• period pain
• thrush
• sore throat
• threadworms
• warts and verrucae

If your pharmacist feels that it is better for you to see your GP then they may refer you directly or tell you to make an appointment with your GP.

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